Aquarium Fishes Names Meaning & Pictures

Aquarium Fishes

Aquarium fish / əˈkweriəm fɪʃ / n {plural: aquariums or aquaria} [an aquarium is a vivarium of any size having at least one transparent side in which aquatic plants or animals are kept and displayed. Fishkeepers use aquaria to keep fish, especially pet tropical fish] (কৃত্রিম জলাধারের মাছ):

neon tetra
Neon Tetra

Neon tetra / ˈniːɑːn ˈtetrə / n [a small Amazonian freshwater fish with a shining blue-green stripe along each side and a red band near the tail, popular in aquaria] (নীয়ান টেট্রা মাছ):

guppy fish

Guppy / ˈɡʌpi / n {Plu. guppies} [a small live-bearing freshwater fish also known as million fish and rainbow fish, is one of the world’s most widely distributed tropical fish, and one of the most popular freshwater aquaria fish species. Native to tropical America, it has been introduced elsewhere to control mosquito larvae] (গাপি মাছ):



Oscar / ˈɑːskər / n 1. [a species of fish from the cichlid family with velvety brown young and multicolored adults, popular in aquaria, found in tropical South America, where the species naturally resides] (আস্কার মাছ):

2. Oscar / ˈɑːskər / n {Also academy award} [one of a set of prizes given each year by the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts to the best film, the best male and female actor in any film, and to other people involved in the production of films] (একাডেমি পুরস্কার বা অস্কার):


Molly fish

Molly / ˈmɑːli / n {Plu. mollies} [a small live-bearing killifish is also sometimes called short-finned molly or common molly, which is popular in aquaria and has been bred in many colors, especially black. They inhabit freshwater streams and coastal brackish and marine waters of Mexico] (মালি মাছ):


Black Molly

Black molly / blæk ˈmɑːli / n [completely black—body, fins, eyes. This is a flat, velvety black, without iridescence. Its unusual appearance has kept it a hobby favorite since the beginning] (ব্ল্যাক মালি মাছ):


Zebra danio
Zebra Danio

Zebra danio / ˈzebrə ˈdænɪəʊ / n {Also zebra fish} [a freshwater fish belonging to the minnow family of the order Cypriniformes. Native to the Himalayan region, it is a popular aquarium fish, frequently sold under the trade name zebra danio] (জেব্রা ড্যানিএউ <মাছ>):

Zebra / ˈzebrə / n [an African wild animal that looks like a horse, with black or brown and white lines on its body] (জেব্রা):



Danio / ˈdænɪəʊ / n [a small, typically brightly colored freshwater fish native to South and SE Asia, popular aquarium fishes] (ড্যানিএউ মাছ):


Platy fish

Platy / ˈplætɪ / n {Plu. playies} [a small live-bearing freshwater fish, which is popular in aquaria, found to the east of Central America and southern Mexico] (প্ল্যাটি মাছ):


Cherry barb
Cherry Barb

Cherry barb / ˈtʃeri bɑːrb / n [a tropical freshwater fish is native to Sri Lanka, and introduced populations have become established in Mexico and Colombia and important in the aquarium trade and farmed in larger numbers] (চেরি বার্ব মাছ):

Cherry / ˈtʃeri / n [a small, round, soft red or black fruit with a single hard seed in the middle, or the tree on which the fruit grows] (চেরিফল):


Pearl gourami
Pearl Gourami

Pearl gourami /  pɜːrl ˈɡʊərəmi / n [a species of gourami native to Southeast Asia is a brownish-silver color, covered in a pearl-like pattern with a distinct black line running from the fish’s head, and gradually thinning towards the caudal fin, and popular in aquaria] (পার্ল গুএরামি মাছ):

Pearl / pɜːrl / n [a hard round object which is shiny and usually creamy-white in color. Pearls grow inside the shell of an oyster and are used for making expensive jewelry] (মুক্তা):



Gourami / ˈɡʊərəmi / n [a small brightly colored Asian labyrinth fish, popular in aquaria] (গুএরামি):  



Swordtail / ˈsɔːrdteɪl / n [a live-bearing freshwater fish native to Mexico and Central America, popular in aquaria. The lower edge of the tail is elongated and brightly marked in the male] (সোর্ডটেল মাছ):

Sword / sɔːrd / n [a weapon with a long, sharp metal blade and a hilt with a handguard, used especially in the past for thrusting or striking] (তরবারি; অসি; খড়্গ; তরোয়াল):

Tail / teɪl / n [a part of an animal’s body, sticking out from the base of the back, or something similar in shape or position] (লেজ; পুচ্ছ; লেঙ্গুড়): The dog wagged its tail excitedly.



Discus / ˈdɪskəs / n 1. [a small colorful freshwater fish with a rounded laterally compressed body, native to the Amazon river basin in South America and popular in aquariums] (ডিস্কাস মাছ):

2. Discus / ˈdɪskəs / n [a heavy plate-shaped object that is thrown by an athlete, in ancient Greek games or in modern a sports events] (খেলায় ব্যবহৃত চাকতি):


Assorted Discus

Assorted discus / əˈsɔːrtɪd ˈdɪskəs / n [they are quite popular because of their beautiful colors, regal bearing and also because they are a challenge to keep and breed successfully. Originally native to South America, numerous aquarium strains of Discus now exist] (এসোর্টিড্‌ ডিস্কাস মাছ):



Killifish / ˈkɪlɪfɪʃ / n [a small tooth carp of fresh or brackish water minnow-like fish, typically brightly colored. They are mainly native to America and used as aquarium fishes, to control mosquitoes, and as anglers’ bait] (কিলিফিশ্‌ মাছ):



Betta / ˈbetə / n {Also siamese fighting fish or halfmoon betta} [a popular fish in the aquarium trade is widely known for their brilliant colors and large, flowing fins. Males, in particular, are prone to high levels of aggression and will attack each other if housed in the same tank] (লড়াকু মাছ):


Crowntail Betta

Crowntail betta / kraʊnteɪl ˈbiːtə / n [one of the most popular small freshwater species in the US for one main reason; their beautiful caudal fins! As the most popular betta, a Crowntail is colloquially referred to as a Betta, or its behavioral name of the Siamese fighting fish] (ক্রাউন্‌টেইল বীটা মাছ):



Plecostomus // n [any of several tropical American freshwater fish, popular in aquaria for their ability to clean tanks by eating algae growth] ():


Rainbowfish / ˈreɪnboʊ fɪʃ / n {Also Boseman’s rainbowfish} [any of a number of small brightly colored fish of warm waters found in northern and eastern Australia, New Guinea] (রংধনু মাছ):

Rainbow / ˈreɪnboʊ / n [an arch of different colors seen in the sky when rain is falling and the sun is shining] (রংধনু):


Corydoras catfish
Corydoras Catfish

Corydoras catfish // n [also known as Cories or Cory Cats, are an excellent addition to any freshwater aquarium] ():



Goldfish / ˈɡoʊldfɪʃ / n [a small reddish-golden Eurasian freshwater carp, popular in garden pool and aquaria. a long history of breeding in China and Japan has resulted in many varieties of form and color] (সোনা মাছ):



Angelfish / ˈeɪndʒəlfɪʃ / n [any of a number of laterally compressed deep-bodied fishes with extended dorsal and anal fins, typically brightly colored or boldly striped and they are a good community fish] (দেবদূত মাছ):

Angel / ˈeɪndʒəl / n [a spiritual being in some religions believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe] (ফেরেশতা; দেবদূত):


German Blue Ram

German blue ram / ˈdʒɜːrmən bluː ræm / n [a popular aquarium fish, traded under a variety of common names, including ram, blue ram, Asian ram, butterfly cichlid, Ramirez’s dwarf cichlid, dwarf butterfly cichlid and Ramirezi] (জার্মান ব্লূ র‍্যাম মাছ):


Flowerhorn Cichlid

Flowerhorn cichlid / ˈflaʊərhɔːrn ˈsɪklɪd / n {Also flower horn fish} [ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. Their head bulge is formally termed a nuchal hump. They became very popular with Asian, the US and European fish hobbyists] (ফুলহর্ন মাছ):


Peacock cichlid
Peacock Cichlid

Peacock cichlid / ˈpiːkɑːk ˈsɪklɪd / n [any of various cichlid fishes of the African genus Aulonocara, much bred for aquaria, which have brilliant colors in the male and often extend the fins in display] (পীকাক্‌ সিক্লিড্‌ মাছ):

Peacock / ˈpiːkɑːk / n [a large male bird with long blue and green tail feathers that it can spread out like a fan] (ময়ুর):


Silver dollar
Silver Dollar

Silver dollar / ˈsɪlvər ˈdɑːlər / n [the round shape and silver color of its body lend the Silver Dollar a very appropriate name. they live in a tropical climate in the sides of weedy rivers] (সিলভার ডালার মাছ):


Albino rainbow shark
Albino Rainbow Shark

Albino rainbow shark / ælˈbaɪnoʊ ˈreɪnboʊ ʃɑːrk / n {Also albino ruby shark or albino red-finned shark} [a great for the semi-aggressive community aquarium, as long as they are the sole sharks and the other tank mates are of similar size. The Rainbow Shark is a beautifully colored fish which is pink with bright red fins, and red eyes] (এ্যাল্‌বাইনৌ রেইনবৌ শার্ক):


Gold laser cory
Gold Laser Cory

Gold laser cory / ɡoʊld ˈleɪzər ˈkɔːrɪ / n [very popular in most aquariums due to their easy-going nature, their ability to clean up the bottom and their hardiness. They enjoy the company of their own kind and so should be kept in groups] (গৌল্ড লেইযার কোরি):


Redbelly pacu
Redbelly Pacu

Redbelly pacu / red ˈbeli pʌˈkuː / n {Also Red-Bellied Pacu} [closely related to the red-bellied piranha, but they do not share the piranha’s carnivorous appetite. These fish are incredibly beautiful and they display some unique behaviors which makes them an interesting addition to the home aquarium] (রেড্‌ বেলি পাকূ <মাছ>):


Black ghost knife
Black Ghost Knife

Black ghost knife / blæk ɡoʊst naɪf / n [a tropical fish belonging to the ghost knife fish family are popular in aquaria. The fish is all black except for two white rings on its tail, and a white blaze on its nose, found in freshwater habitats in South America] (ব্ল্যাক্‌ গৌস্ট্‌ নাইফ্‌ <মাছ>):

Blue pearl shrimp
Blue Pearl Shrimp

Blue pearl shrimp / bluː pɜːrl ʃrɪmp / n [one of the newer, freshwater aquarium shrimp to the Dwarf Shrimp hobby, this blue color variant of the Neocaridina davidi was originally bred in Germany and has quickly made its way to the American hobby] (ব্লূ পা্‌র্ল শ্রিম্প্‌ <চিংড়িমাছ>):  


Fire Eel

Fire eel / faɪər iːl / n [this omnivorous snake-like freshwater fish is not a true eel, but an extremely elongated fish with a distinctive pointed snout and underslung mouth, native to in Southeast Asia but also found in the aquarium trade] (ফাইএর্‌ ঈল্‌):  



 Koi / kɔɪ / n [a common carp of a large ornamental variety, originally bred in Japan. that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens] (কোই):


Black moor
Black Moor

Black moor / blæk mʊr / n {Also black telescope, black moor goldfish or just moors} [a black colored variant of a telescope goldfish that has a characteristic pair of protruding eyes. In China, it is known as Dragon-Eye and Kuro Demekin in Japan. Their black coloring and protruding eyes develop as they grow] (ব্ল্যাক্‌ মুর্‌):

Blood parrot cichlid
Blood Parrot Cichlid

Blood parrot cichlid / blʌd ˈpærət ˈsɪklɪd / n [a hybrid aquarium fish species often bright orange in coloration, but there are other colors that they can have naturally, such as red, yellow or gray. However, the unusual appearance—round body and beak-like head with large eyes—along with the fish’s ability to coexist with other species in a community environment, has made it popular among some enthusiasts] (ব্লাড্‌ প্যারএট্‌ ছিক্‌লিড্‌):


Redcap oranda
Redcap Oranda

Redcap oranda  / red kæp ˈɔːrɪndə / n [a breed of goldfish characterized by a prominent bubble-like “hood” on the head with a tall dorsal fin. it has a large, round body and shimmering scales along with the same long, flowing split tail fin of all Oranda varieties. When the fish stops swimming, the delicate tail fans out, looking much like the petals of a flower] (রেড্‌ ক্যাপ ওরিন্ডএ):

Kissing gourami
Kissing Gourami

Kissing gourami / ˈkɪsɪŋ ˈɡʊərəmɪ / n [an edible SE Asian freshwater fish which is brightly colored and a popular aquarium fish. Individuals sometimes press their fleshy lips together, probably as a threat display] (চুম্মাচুমি মাছ):

Clown loach
Clown Loach

Clown loach / klaʊn ləʊtʃ / n {Also tiger botia} [a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the botiid loach family. It originates in inland waters in Indonesia on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. It is a popular fish in the freshwater aquarium trade and is sold worldwide] (ক্লাউন লৌচ):

Clown / klaʊn / (ক্লান্‌) n [a performer in a circus who wears funny clothes and bright make-up, and does silly things in order to make people laugh] (ভাঁড়):

Ramirezi cichlid
Ramirezi Cichlid

Ramirezi cichlid // n {Also ram, blue ram, German blue ram, Asian ram, butterfly cichlid, Ramirez’s dwarf cichlid, dwarf butterfly cichlid} [a small, delicate, oval shape, good looking, peaceful, and popular aquarium fish,  with long pointed fins and a bright, snappy color patterning] ():


Gold tetra
Gold Tetra

Gold tetra / ɡoʊld ˈtetrə / n [a small freshwater fish, native to lowland South America, where they are abundant in coastal floodplains. Their name comes from a powdery golden tint on their body that is thought to be caused by internal parasites. They are peaceful, hardy, schooling community fish, and they have been successfully bred in captivity]

Serpae tetra
Serpae Tetra

Serpae tetra // n [also known as jewel tetra or Callistus tetra, is a species of tropical freshwater, and popular flame-colored fish. They are quite popular in a community aquarium because of their beauty and ease of care] (): 

Pearlscale goldfish
Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale goldfish / pɜːrlskeɪl ˈɡoʊldfɪʃ / n [a fancy goldfish variety with doubled finnage, It is a spherical-bodied fish and also known as Chinshurin in Japanese. It is one of the most recent additions to the fancy goldfish family] (পা্‌র্ল্‌স্কেইল্‌ গৌল্ড্‌ফিশ্‌):


Clown pleco
Clown Pleco

Clown pleco / klaʊn / n [it is one of the most common species of small, striped loricariids available in the fishkeeping hobby. This species adapts well to aquarium life] (ক্লাউন্‌ প্লেকৌ <মাছ>):


Frontosa cichlid
Frontosa Cichlid

Frontosa cichlid / ˈfrʌntoʊsə ˈsɪklɪd / n [It has distinct markings with five to seven black vertical bars adorning a white or blue body and head and trailing fins with a distinct blue hue, With its large size and very pronounced coloration it immediately draws attention and dominates an aquarium display] (ফ্রান্‌টৌছা ছিক্লিড্‌):

Oranda goldfish
Oranda Goldfish

Oranda goldfish / əˈrɪndə ˈɡoʊldfɪʃ / n [a metallic or matte scaled goldfish with fleshy outgrowth on the upper half of its head and sides of its face, the oranda has become one of the most popular aquarium fish] (এরিন্ডা গৌল্ডফিশ্‌):

Silver arowana
Silver Arowana

Silver arowana // n [a South American freshwater bony fish with relatively large scales, a long body, and a tapered tail, and the dorsal and anal fins extending all the way to the small caudal fin, with which they are nearly fused. they are sometimes kept in aquariums, but they are predatory and require a very large tank] ():  


Arowana // n [the name Arowana comes from the Indonesian arwana or nirwana, meaning fish of paradise, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world and these fishes are known as living fossils. They are the most expensive fishes] ():


Tetra / ˈtetrə / n [a small tropical freshwater fish that is typically brightly colored, native to Africa and America. Many kinds of tetra are popular in aquariums] (টেট্রা):

Tiger barb
Tiger Barb

Tiger barb / ˈtaɪɡər bɑːrb / n {Also sumatra barb} [silver/gold with black stripes and orange accented fins. They are a very lively, playful fish that prefers to be in schools] (টাইগার্‌ বাঃর্ব):


Jack dempsey
Jack Dempsey


Jack dempsey / dʒæk ˈdempsɪ / n [a widely spread tank fish within North and Central America, because of the fish congenital aggressiveness towards its tank mates the USA aquarists have called it Jack Dempsey by the name of the popular professional boxer] (জ্যাক্‌ ডেম্প্‌ছি):  


Piranha / pɪˈrɑːnə / n [a deep-bodied South American dangerous freshwater fish that typically lives in shoals and has very sharp teeth that are used to tear flesh from prey and eats. It has a reputation as a fearsome predator] (পিরানা মাছ):

Severum cichlid
Severum Cichlid

Severum cichlid // n [an aggressive fish as they get bigger, it is best kept in either pairs or small group as they do get bigger sizes] ():

Shubunkin goldfish
Shubunkin Goldfish

Shubunkin goldfish / ʃʊˈbʌŋkɪn ˈɡoʊldfɪʃ / n [a type of single-tailed goldfish of an ornamental variety, having black spots, red patches, and long fins and tail, with nacreous scales and a pattern known as calico, of Japanese origin] (শুবাঙ্‌কিন্‌ গৌল্ড্‌ফিশ্‌):

Bala shark
Bala Shark

Bala shark / ˌbælə ʃɑːrk / n [also called the Silver Shark, Tricolor Shark, or Shark Minnow, but do not be fooled by the word “shark.” This fish’s name is derived solely from its rigid, upright triangular dorsal fin and torpedo-shaped body, which make it superficially resemble that ferocious and predatory ocean fish] (ব্যালা শার্ক):

Shark / ʃɑːrk / n [a large sea fish with very sharp teeth and a pointed fin on its back. there are several types of shark, some of which can attack people swimming] (হাঙ্গর):



Corydoras // n [basically freshwater species found in the tropical and temperate regions. They are the members of the armored Catfish family and the Corydoradinae subfamily] ():


Tinfoil barb
Tinfoil Barb

Tinfoil barb / ˈtɪnfɔɪl bɑːrb / n [a tropical Southeast Asian freshwater fish with large, distinct silvery metallic scales, they have brightly colored red-tipped fins and a forked tail.  They are a schooling fish and look fantastic in the aquarium swimming around together] (টিন্‌ফোইল্‌ বাঃর্ব্‌ <মাছ>):   

Tinfoil / ˈtɪnfɔɪl / n [shiny, metal material, as thin as paper, which is used especially for wrapping food in order to store it or cook it] (রাংতা):


Convict cichlid
Convict Cichlid

Convict cichlid / kənˈvɪkt ˈsɪklɪd / n [also known as the Zebra Cichlid, is a freshwater fish native to the warm rivers of South America, popular aquarium fish and have also been the subject of numerous studies on fish behavior] (কএনভিক্ট্‌ ছিক্‌লিড্‌ <মাছ>):  

Convict / kənˈvɪkt / n [someone who is in prison because they are guilty of a crime] (অপরাধী):


Yellow lab
Yellow Lab

Yellow lab / ˈjeloʊ læb / n [a popular freshwater aquarium fish is also known as lemon yellow lab, the blue streak hap, the electric yellow or yellow prince, depending on the color morph] (ইওলৌ ল্যাব্‌):


Demasoni cichlid
Demasoni Cichlid

Demasoni cichlid // n [an extremely sharp-looking, relatively uncommon aquarium cichlid. It comes from Lake Malawi located in Tanzania, Africa, and it has dark blue or black vertical stripes with alternating lighter stripes of light blue to white] ():


Redtail catfish
Redtail Catfish

Redtail catfish / redteɪl ˈkætfɪʃ / n [a very fast-growing, extremely large and colourful freshwater fish with long whiskers on their mouths and a beautiful red tail, native to the South America river, common in the aquarium trade, although its massive adult size makes it unsuitable for all but the largest aquariums] (রেড্‌টেইল্‌ ক্যাট্‌ফিশ্‌ <মাছ>):


Firemouth cichlid
Firemouth Cichlid

Firemouth cichlid / faɪrmaʊθ ˈsɪklɪd / n [one of the most beautiful members of the Cichlidae family and is found in the rivers of Central America, named fire mouth due to its flaming tinge on the ventral side of its mouth and throat] (ফাইর্‌মাউথ সিক্লিড্‌ <মাছ>):


Balloon molly
Balloon Molly

Balloon molly / bəˈluːn ˈmɒli / n [an arched back and a rounded, large belly with color varieties include a combination of black, yellow, and white, it had a large, lyre-shaped caudal fin and an impressive dorsal fin. it has the ability to adapt to a variety of salt levels in the aquarium] (বালূন মালি <মাছ>):

Balloon / bəˈluːn / n [a small, thin, rubber bag that you blow air into so that it becomes larger and rounder or longer. Balloons are used as toys or decorations] ():

Mono angel
Mono Angel

Mono angel / ˈmɑːnoʊ ˈeɪndʒəl / n {Also mono or finger fish} [comes from the coastal and inland waters of Africa and Asia. it is a diamond-shaped, silver in color, and has two black stripes on the front half of the fish. The dorsal fin has a yellow tint with a black outline] (মানৌ এইন্‌জাল্‌ <মাছ>):


Green terror
Green Terror

Green terror / ɡriːn ˈterər / n [a colorful freshwater fish in the cichlid family with an overall green and blue metallic sheen. it has a magnificent array color that can be purple, pink, red and/or electric blue] (গ্রীন্‌ টেরার মাছ):

Red devil cichlid
Red Devil Cichlid

Red devil cichlid / red ˈdevəl ˈsɪklɪd / n [a very large Central American cichlid, reaching up to 15″ and is known for being one of the most ferocious and aggressive of the cichlids] (রেড্‌ ডেভাল ছিক্‌লিড্‌):


Rope Fish

Rope fish / roʊp fɪʃ / n [a fascinating and primitive-looking fish with many unusual physical features including a flattened head, elongated eel-like body, and thick bony scales that form a distinct reticulated pattern. it has a pair of lungs in addition to gills, allowing it to survive in very oxygen-poor water found West and Central] (দড়ি মাছ):

Rope / roʊp / n [(a piece of) strong, thick string made of long twisted threads] (দড়ি): a coil of rope





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